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Greetings from the Iowa Honey Producers Association! We hope you find your visit enjoyable and educational. The Buzz Newsletter contains the majority of the site content. In the future additional articles will be posted from IHPA to help document the experiences and expertise of beekeepers across the state of Iowa.

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Let's talk Iowa State Fair. 

It's coming up.  FAST!  SOON!
I encourage you all to enter something from your bees this year.  We always have great quality entries in the competitions, but the numbers were way down last year.  Who wouldn't love to see the shelves filled with observation hives, all sorts of honey, wax goods, photography, and honey themed gift baskets & display cases?  It only costs $1 per entry.  Again, it only costs one single dollar per entry.  The only exception is the window display class, which costs $4.  Please note that the fair has requested the entry deadline be moved up a bit – Entries are now due on August 1st.  You can do this quickly & easily online, or by mail.    Please contact me if you have any questions.  My contact info is printed on  the back of this Buzz newsletter.  If possible, email is best for me these days...

I hope to see you (and your exhibits) at the fair.
Andy Joseph, State Apiarist

2015 Iowa State Fair

IHPA Booth Volunteers Needed!

Dear Beekeepers
I know it may be hard to start thinking about the State Fair, however Summer is here and the Iowa State Fair is fast approaching; August 13-23.

For those members new to the Iowa Honey Producers Association (IHPA), we have a booth at the State Fair annually in the Ag building; selling honey products, honey lemonade, lotions, soaps, beeswax items, promotional merchandise etc. This is our main fund raising event, which is needed to help support our various educational programs. We ask our members to help make this event a success, by volunteering their time assisting with cash register sales, bagging product, pricing, mixing and serving honey lemonade, offering honey samples etc. Each volunteer will be provided with free honey lemonade if you get thirsty while working at the booth, also a FREE pass to get into the fair, plus you get to enjoy the great entertainment at the fair before/after your shift at the booth.


The Iowa State Fair is an exciting time for the IHPA. Please consider signing up for a shift or two and come join in the excitement!

2015 IHPA Booth Help Sign Up Sheet (pdf)


I am looking for volunteers for the Iowa State Fair Booth. I am in need of 12 volunteers for the 9:00-1:30 shift, and also 12 volunteers for the 1:30-6:00 shift.  We are only needing 6 for the 6:00-9:00 shift. Volunteers are needed for registers, lemonade, sample table, assisting customers, stalking shelves, talking about observation hives. This is a great opportunity to share with the public the importance of bees!


Please contact Heidi Love by calling 515-729-1761 or via email at  Please also look in the Buzz for the volunteer sheet. I need your address, email, and phone number so I can send you tickets prior to fair.


The table indicates how many people have signed up for each shift. The first two shifts require 12 people each and the evening shift neeeds 6 people.

2015 IHPA Booth (Updated July 27th 10pm)
9am - 1:30pm (12)
1:30pm - 6pm (12)
6pm - 9pm (6)
August 13th

Filled (12)

Filled (12)

August 14th

Filled (12)


Filled (7)

August 15th

Filled (6)

August 16th
August 17th

Filled (12)


August 18th

Filled (13)

August 19th

Filled (12)

August 20th

Filled (12)

August 21st
August 22nd
August 23rd



The New IHPA Cookbook Needs Your Honey Recipes!

New IHPA Cookbook Recipe Form

It’s time for a new cookbook! Please submit your new Honey recipes, the Iowa Honey Producers Association is doing a new cookbook that will be available at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. We would like to have as many NEW recipes in this new cookbook as possible, so bring on your newest tried and true delights. Submit all the categories you can think of including soap and honey mead. We have the form available online through the Buzz, in the hard copy of the Buzz newsletter (June issue) or available for pick-up at the 2015 Summer Field Day in July and at the 2015 Annual Meeting in November. Our cut-off date for the cookbooks to get prepared will be March 1, 2016. We do have some incentives for you, the more recipes you submit, the better for you, stay tuned for those incentives in a later Buzz article.

Please submit recipes to:
Jodi Kraft
IHPA Cookbook Chairperson
P.O. Box 1
Goldfield, IA 50542-0001

or my committee members: Becky Elsbernd, Connie Bronnenberg, Rhonda Heston and Heidi Love.Thank you and looking forward to seeing your new recipes for the 2016 Iowa Honey Producers Association Cookbook.



2015 American Honey Queen Hails From Iowa

Gabrielle Hemesath

2015 American Honey Queen Gabrielle Hemesath

American Beekeeping FederationAmerican Beekeeping Federation
3525 Piedmont Road
Building Five, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA  30305-1509




-----Press Release-----






The American Beekeeping Federation is proud to announce that Gabrielle Hemesath was selected as the 2015 American Honey Queen at the North American Beekeeping Conference in Anaheim, CA in January.  Gabrielle is the 19-year-old daughter of Mary and Russell Hemesath of Clermont, IA, and the granddaughter of Karen Hemesath of Castalia, IA, and Imedla Schmitt of West Union, IA.  She is a freshman at Iowa State University, pursing a degree in marketing.  Gabrielle became interested in beekeeping at a young age and has been employed by Fassbinder Apiaries since 2008, assisting in managing 2,000 beehives.


Prior to being selected as the American Honey Queen, Gabrielle served as the 2014 Iowa Honey Queen.  In this role, she promoted the honey industry at fairs, festivals, and farmers’ markets, via media interviews, and in schools.


Gabrielle will spend the next year promoting the beekeeping industry throughout the United States in a wide variety of venues.  To schedule an appearance with American Honey Queen Gabrielle Hemesath, please contact American Honey Queen Program Chairperson Anna Kettlewell at 414.545.5514.


American Honey Queen Program ¡ Anna Kettlewell, Chairperson
10432 W. Norwich Avenue, Greenfield, WI 53228
414.545.5514 ¡


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