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Greetings from the Iowa Honey Producers Association! We hope you find your visit enjoyable and educational. The Buzz Newsletter contains the majority of the site content. In the future additional articles will be posted from IHPA to help document the experiences and expertise of beekeepers across the state of Iowa.

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IHPA Youth Mentoring Program deadline extended to October 15th

The deadline for application for the Youth Program has been extended to October 15th. Please click on the Youth Program tab for more information on applying to the youth mentoring program.


IHPA Donation Submission Form Deadline is October 1st

IHPA Donation Proposal Sumission Form

The Iowa Honey Producers Association supports honeybee and beekeeping research through donations to research projects during the IHPA Annual Meeting.


Starting in 2014 the IHPA Donation Proposal Form will need to be submitted during the Submission Period prior to the Annual Meeting. The IHPA Board will review the stated use of the donation to confirm the use is in line with the goal of promoting continued research in honeybees and beekeeping. This review will allow the board time to request additional information if needed and ensure total proposed donations do not exceed the association’s budget for research donations.


Annual Meeting Contest Judges

If  you are interested in being a judge or helping out at the annual meeting in Marshalltown on November 14 & 15 , please contact Eli for more details.   

Tel 641-512-4728 or email

Look forward to hearing from you.



IHPA News & Events Blog

Keep up to date with the IHPA News & Events Blog. Below are some of the most recent posts. You can click on the links below, or the navigation tab at the top of the page to check out the latest news.


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Dates To Bee Remembered




Honeybees visit approximately 2 million flowers to produce just 1 pound of honey.

Honeybee on a dandelion.

As the saying goes, "...busy as a bee!"