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Iowa State Fair



The Iowa State Fair is one of the great summer attractions in Iowa. It is also one of the biggest events for the Iowa Honey Producers Association. Located in the Agricultural Building, the IHPA booth is a site to see! Here you can buy great tasting Iowa honey, beeswax candles, honeycomb, and a variety of other honeybee products. And be sure to check out our Honey Lemonade stand. It tastes so good on those hot August afternoons.


But that's only half the story. There is also an extensive beekeeping display. This exhibit is part of the judged competition for the Iowa State Fair. Beekeepers from across Iowa submit their prized honey, beeswax, honeycomb, and beekeeping pictures for the competition.


What kind of beekeeping exhibit would be complete without some actual honeybees? That's right. There are display cases with actual honeybees in them. You can watch as they all go about their daily business. You may even be able to see the Queen bee!


The Iowa State Fair offers many wonderful attractions, and the IHPA exhibit is certainly one of the best. Dates for the Iowa State Fair are in August. You can get more information at their website at



2013 Iowa State Fair

One example of many great years at the Iowa State Fair!

For those of you who were not able to visit the parade or fair this year, we have included some information, photographs and video footage for you to enjoy.  


Many thanks to Julie Swett, Connie Bronnenberg and all the many people who were instrumental in decorating the float and/or participating in the parade.  Your efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as the IHPA float was awarded, most creative/original non-commercial in tied position with another entry.


Congratulations!   Here is a video stream showing the float in the parade.


The booth counter tops were showing their age, so the Booth Fair Committee decided due to time constraints, to have a fabric drape made and were fortunate to have Rhonda Heston put her sewing skills to great use once again.   What a great job Rhonda did!  It transformed the entire area, including the exhibits area with the help of Andy Joseph.   The new look helped make everything stand out and seemed to transform the entire area.


Also for the Mixed Technique Quilt category at the fair, Rhonda Heston received an honorable mention for the bee quilt, which was exhibited in the Varied Industries building.


We made quite an impact with the media too!   Our Iowa Honey Queen, Hannah VanWyk was interviewed on the radio numerous times, KCCI presenters Kevin Cooney and Stacey Horst did a segment about the honey booth.



Click the following video stream to view it


Tiffany Ingersoll gave Al Roker from The Weather Channel a demonstration on how to extract honey, which was televised on WHO TV.  Click the following video steam to view it



And if that wasn’t enough, the IHPA was honored to have the Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey visit our
booth for a few hours, helping serve and greet customers at the honey lemonade stand and Hannah VanWyk
kindly demonstrated how to make rolled candles; judging by the photographs, I think they both had lots of fun
doing this and well as encouraging others too!


Hannah VanWyk, Rachel Stika (IHPA Princess) and Ciera Bronnenberg with some help from Starlette Love did a terrific job rolling candles.  Over the 11 day period at the fair, Hannah and Ciera got very creative making some very interesting beeswax designs; skep, hula girls, tulip, corn cob to name a few.


Hope you enjoyed watching the video streaming and various photo footage of the fair and honey booth.  


Look forward to seeing you next year!


Honey Booth Fair Committee
Eli Kalke (Chair), Pat Ennis, Rhonda Heston & Connie Bronnenberg